16” Singing Horse Frame Drum

G Note 177 Hertz 

A “singing” drum is one that will ring to higher tones and aligned the body centers as it moves heavy energy with the drums grounding rhythms. (Much like the effects of a singing bowl after drumming) 

The G note supports the throat and speaking truth, expression and connecting the mind and the heart. 

With light codes inside for accepting light energy, rejuvenation, life path alignment, Quantum Reiki, connecting to star dust of creation and core light alignment as well as palo santo sigils for protection, and feminine activation. 

The horse is a symbol of not just strength and power but also stamina necessary to overcome any obstacle. This is an essence of not just the ability to thrive and move forward, but also to lead others by supporting them and allowing ourselves to be supported. The wild mustang is a symbol of unbridled freedoms & passions, it can encourage and entice action to be taken.

The horse is anciently known for running to gain freedom and calls us to embark on our own journey to sustain freedoms without forcing ourselves in isolation to do so.

The horse brings movement and transcendence to us. Offers utilizing freedom to drive necessary change by harnessing power into focused direction. 

Clears stagnancy and ignites passions once forgotten and domesticated by the demands of others. Ideal for branching out and gaining the confidence to venture alone and stand strong, while creating permission for others to join in finding their own path.

Encourages new levels of emotional intelligence and emotional freedom. 

As we connect with the medicine of the horse, intellectual and emotional reflections occur as the horse is shows us what we project by responding in like kind. Horse offers a reminder that all we put out in the world will eventually circle back to us with an added momentum and intensity. Will reveal that which we have forgotten isn’t part of ourselves or when we are on a path we do not want to be.

The horse carries our desires, the hero within us and the answers with precision. A symbol of a warrior and provides the wisdom to know how to utilize support rather than abuse it. Heals victimhood with personal empowerment. Aides with clarity and confidence in actions forward. Horse energy cradles and protects as we heal physically and emotionally. The horse rescues and fights, yet nurtures and supports when paths cross.

Assists in the balancing and unleashing of sexual energies and desires.

Charcoaled with palo santo which is protective, adds positivity and wards off evil. 

*Rawhide ethically source


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