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From Emotional Empowerment Boxes, to Empowered Empath, Sound Healing, Practitioner, and Master Courses, Hollie Hope’s insightful teachings help your perspective and understanding of not just the world around you, but a deeper understanding of yourself.

Emotional Empowerment Box Ceremonies, Videos, and Instructions

One of the most unique things about the Emotional Empowerment Box subscription, is the powerful meditations, courses, ceremonies, and teachings you receive with each kit. Click your box below to begin.


Course Category: Emotional Empowerment Box

Empath Empowerment Course

A self-paced journey into finding health and wellness as an empath, is coming soon. Until then, check out our Events page to see when I’m teaching the next course live.

Become A Practitioner

Sacred Sound Healing & Intuitive Healing Practitioner courses and immersive healing experiences are focused on educating and activating spiritual gifts within you to expand healing across the globe.

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