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I’m so excited you are taking the time to discover where you are sabotaging and blocking yourself from your desires.

Please select your session based on location and we can begin clearing the negative perspectives to create the clarity and freedom necessary to make divinely inspired changes to move forward towards what you actually want out of life!

Talk soon!!!
Love & Light!

-Hollie Hope

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4 reviews for Individual Emotional Healing & Mentoring Session with Hollie Hope

  1. Val Douroux

    Greater than therapy. We talk. Identify what’s holding me back or shine light on new perspectives. Move energy. Heal. I’ve been dealing with unconscious trauma my whole life that I honestly thought that’s just the way life is. It wasn’t until I had my first 1:1 session with Hollie that I realized all the societal, ancestral, spiritual and parental perspectives that shaped who I am. None of it is truly who I am. I am who I am. Working with Hollie helps me transform negative perspectives to reclaim my personal power and create a Heaven on Earth. Pure energy. Pure excellence. I highly recommend booking an appointment or attending a retreat.

  2. Tonia

    Hi. My name is Tonia and I am so grateful my dear friend tagged me in this!! I’m a beginner and I would LOVE to learn all about this stuff!! The live video was fun. Hollie seems quite nice and I look forward to hearing more about this in the near future!!

  3. Katy Krystine Hancock

    I have had the opportunity to create my own healing drum with Hollie in person and a group of others making drums. I purchased it for personal and professional purposes. I believe in the power of music and appreciate shamanic holistic approaches of medicine. Music can be understood international regardless of what language you speak; we all have a heart beat and the drums connect to that beat of life. As a Recreational Therapist music therapy is one of the modalities I use to support clients I work with it’s been a pure delight to see my clients benefit from these healing drums. I love the spiritual approach of intentions, healing, purpose, that Hollie takes in all her programs and work. I have had the pleasure of attending her Drum Healing Circles in the community and am looking forward to my upcoming one one one 90 min clearing session with her this June! I highly recommend her programs, books, products, drums, and events. Invest in yourself, invest in healing, invest in the beauty of health.

  4. Tracey Wilson

    I purchased a Healing Drum 🥁 From Hollie she is such an incredible soul with so much love and healing to offer … o had an issue while making my drum and she was more than helpful✨ her hugs 🤗 are out of this world and bring so much love and healing also ♥️♥️♥️

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