Infused with light codes and activation of strength, courage, faith, connection with light body with inner knowing, allowing healing, and quantum energy.

“B” note supports the root and foundation.
Buffalo medicine is a symbol of being provided for and the masculine claiming our desires and holding fast to the faith in the natural Abundance of life.

Buffalo reminds us that faith isn’t just following signs or evidence, but to continuously move forward and not be deterred by other influences that are not on the path we have been called to.

Determination within is amplified as Bison imparts a strong will to survive against odds and sees us through to completion of dreams and goals. We are called forward and supported towards living our unique purpose and not allowing the chaos around us to persuade us to forgo that which we know at our core is our path and our gift to those around us.

Generosity and gentleness is amplified with Bison medicine. There is no need to fear over confidence or over powering of others as the bison reminds us that we know our strength and it is one that can share that strength for the benefit of all that is the most valuable.

Community and connection is upheld through the buffalo. All we do ripples out into the world and we are reminded of the miracles we hold within ourselves. We are called to remember that the miracles we hold within ourselves are made manifest through action and endurance. We are reminded that what may be every day life to us is an answered prayer to in another’s eyes.

Empowerment, does not tolerate feeling sorry for oneself, rather when the environment and circumstance hinders our progress, buffalo challenges us to find a way to allow our desires to flow.

We may have to adjust & adapt in order to continue progress and buffalo supports us in this journey.

*Ethically sourced


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