I have been inspired by spirit to add sacred geometry and symbols, but the drum seems to be waiting for her person to claim her in order to reveal what exactly gets to be added 😁

With her, she holds symbols and energy infusion for the throat, chakra, third eye, chakra, connection with light body, connection through space, DNA, activation, protection, and ignition of the penal gland.  

Her stone is rose quartz as the bear is connected with the heart and activates us that, even though we may see through the cosmos, it’s important to calibrate by seeing through the heart.


Bear medicine provides protection, grounding and action when necessary.

Facilitates setting boundaries and enforces them even under pressure.

Encourages solitude and contemplation in order to remain strong and nurturing to others. Bear

medicine is a powerful healer of the physical, emotional and spiritual realms. Bear is centered in

love, which is the core of any healing. Bear will encourage the awareness of love within every

person, being, plant and energy we encounter.

Reminds us that self care and self nurturing is essential to continue to support others. Powerful

medicine for meditation and introspection. When we drum with bear medicine, we can find

ourselves more curious than normal. As we tune into the cunning of the bear we can receive

enlightened answers.

Bear heals family bonds, (whether by blood, choice or species.) this is often why we refer to bear

as “grandmother” or “brother” as we are reminded that we are all connected and all one. We are

encouraged with the drumming of bear medicine to let the beat of our heart connect with the beat

of the planet and all the energies & spirits within. Embracing the light and the dark for one great


Bear heals grief as bear is known to visit death annually and knows that with every destruction

comes beautiful new creation and abundance.


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