12″ Balancing Fire Tree

This small drum is easily portable and ideal for children or for hiking.

Moves and expresses fire essence to transmute depression and stagnancy to light as well as purging fires that can cause repressed anger. Creativity activator.

Blessed & created with the New Moon during the close of the lunar eclipse.

Connects and activates creative fire with Quantum Sun Reiki symbols inside translating to:  “DNA Activation”, “Healing, Past, Present & Future”  &  “Feminine & Masculine Balance.”

ELK hide is ethically sourced and encourages healing childhood trauma and gaining a strong sense of self identity.

Drum is an D note and sounds at 153 hertz most often.

(Will vary based on humidity and temperature as well as how it is played.)

**Hide is slightly off center which does not effect sound or sacred healing. (This is why it is on sale)

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