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Embark on the sacred healing journey of sound, feminine wisdom and earth connection with Hollie Hope as she shares wisdoms and healing experienced working with these sacred healing resources available to us all. 

Throughout this book, she shares the personal journeys of miraculous healing of the body and mind as well as activation of spiritual gifts as a sacred companion with the animals and sound through her years working with the sacred drum. 

Much of the simplicity of the old ways have been lost, forgotten or corrupted in order to gain control in conformity and Hollie freely shares not only channeled wisdom from ancient grandmothers, but also the technical instruction vetted by modern day  research in the benefits of drumming with sacred drums. 

Learn how so many have healed the deep trauma, physical dis-ease and found life changing connections by embodying a sacred drum practice as part of their daily lives. 

Throughout this book, she shares what is often reserved only for those she trains and mentors to become sacred sound healers including specific tones, notes and frequencies and targeted healing in the body. She also shares how to deepen the connection and circular healing between ourselves and our Mother Earth in order to allow healing for all. 

Information is openly shared to allow those only recently experiencing the drum’s call and those more seasoned in working with this healing frequency to gain insights as to not only what is possible, but how to and what to expect when working with the power of the drum. 



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  1. Lorina joY

    A must have for all drawn to the sacredness and healing of drums!

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