22 days of video trainings direct to your inbox to assist in healing, realigning and reclaiming your light essence after loss, breakup, abuse or awakening and trying to still human.

The old mental and emotional patterns do not work when our lives have been turned upside down.

Join Hollie Hope as she shares tangible information and actions to take in order to move from a place of heartache, stagnancy, scarcity and chaos into a greater embodiment of YOU. 

Raw, beautiful, delicious, brilliant, YOU!

$22 for 22 days of wisdoms that work on not just “reseting” but to LAUNCH into your fullness!

Curriculum at a Glance:

1 – Letting Go

2 – Acknowledge the Grief

3 – Heart Healing & Opening

4- Crystals to Assist in Healing

5 – Reclaiming your Power

6 – Self Acceptance

7 – Understanding Hurt Cycles

8 – Breaking Emotional Addictions

9 – Safe to be Seen

10 – Clearing Negative Connections, Cords & Contracts

11 – Depression cycles

12 – Fear Can Show Us Our Greatest Wisdoms

13 – No More Numbing

14 – Moving Sexual Energy & Traumas 

15 – Breath Activation Meditations to Clear Your Body

16 – Drum Love with Intention

17 – Leaving the World of People Pleasing

18 – Cultivating Desires

19 – Perfectionism Exposed

20 – Spiritually Sensitive (aka Empaths)

21 – Protecting vs. Absorbing Toxicity

22 – Pure Love Activation

Hollie Hope has been assisting women in identifying negative perspectives and clearing emotional blocks for 16 years utilizing her communications with spirit guides, intuitive healing techniques and sacred sound therapies. 

For a simple buck a day she will send a new video daily for you to begin your healing journey and claim your deep self love and broaden your spiritual connection.


Content will be emailed to you daily for 22 days!

22 day online course to releasing pains, heartaches and traumas in order to heal and amplify the light within you!


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