Dragons represent many areas connected with realities beyond our physical. Perseverance, intuition and traveling through dimensions. Art created based on natural variations in the rawhide and deep meditation with the drum. Dragon drawing was created using Palo Santo for positive energy and protection.

“C#” note for creative connection between sacral & solar plexus with circulatory activation of the heart that deer energy offers.

Activation of 5 elements

Charoite crystal, which supports transformation, and is known as the soul stone, to overcome fear. Assist with accessing higher realities, while encouraging vibrational change, provides deep, physical and emotional healing, and supports in accepting the present moment.

Infused with light codes and energy to activate crown, and third eye energy centers, protection of archangel, Michael Sun, energy, Metatron, frequency, and connection with divine source.

Ideal for those wanting to bridge the gap between the 3-D world and intuition of the cosmos. Assist when feeling too disconnected from the 3-D as well as when feeling stuck in the 3-D mindset and close to spiritual connection.

Infused with Palo Santo, for protection and activation.

(Ethically sourced from the Wasatch Mountains)

* Additional art can be added upon request


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