Created under the full moon embodying the duality of

🌹masculine and feminine
🌹softness and fierceness
🌹past and future
🌹shadow and light
🌹pleasure and perseverance
🌹Expansion and introspection

Sigils and symbols for activating light codes, sun quantum reiki healing and claiming the full embodiment of the feminine and all the many form she expresses herself.

🌹Inspired to support, activate and flow sensual essence and reclamation of the feminine body as sacred

Drumming with a bull instills strength and power in both our physical and spiritual presence. The bull is a selfless animal that sustains life through its sacrifice and sustaining of life. Accordingly, the bull animal totem symbolizes nourishment and the need to create new life. By studying the bull spiritual totem, we can learn to practice stability without stubbornness.

Cows are considered sacred in many cultures because they offer so much to sustain and support. Drumming with cow energy creates a sense of support and upliftment. We receive leather, meat and milk from the cow. The cow creates a vibration of patience and trust that we will be supported and no matter how intense the storm may be, it will pass.

The cow represents our mother earth energy. All is provided for. We are nurtured, loved, protected and supported.We feel the call to cow/bulls when there is a deep stirring happening in our soul. See, Cow as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal is a special energy and medicine. Cows represent motherhood, Mother Gaia, and the Mother Goddesses.

Take time to meditate on all Mother Cow has to offer. She is a sacred reminder of fertility, birth, and nurturing. When we feel depleted, over spent, as though we have been giving too much, it is the time to reach for the support of the cow energy. Cow energy offers a filling of the void, the emptiness. Allows space for us to accept RECEIVING. Relieves ourselves of pain from stubbornness, yet offers determination towards allowing ourselves to receive that which we have been resisting. Medicine to heal the “over-givers”.Revitalizing, life giving and resolution to allow ourselves to feel loved, wanted, provided for and nurtured. Heals old wounds of betrayal, isolation, ignored or frustrations.

Assists with anxiety as the drum manifests feelings of support and upliftment. When we feel the support of our mother earth, of our ancestors and spirit, we feel and increased sense of confidence and stubbornness to not give up and endure the storm knowing we will receive all we need.


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