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Masters of Intuitive Healing Training (Practitioners Course) Mexico

March 18 @ 4:44 pm - March 26 @ 10:30 am

9 Day/ 8 Night Healing & Training
in the Mexican Jungle with ancient alchemizing energy.





Many of us have come to this earth to heal humanity. We have innate gifts that connect us to spirit in ways that are often hard to explain and even harder to recognize.

After spending most of my life feeling like I was the one person God did not speak to, I discovered it was not a lack of giving that was the case, it was a lack of my own understanding in how to communicate with spirit.

After experiencing what connection to our guides, higher selves and energies I was blown away with shock at how much healing is available to us.

I began learning of energy healing and realized there were some major gaps in the world of healing with spirit and the analytical human brain, like mine.

Through practicing and being taught by spirit, I was able to develop a system to connect with other’s spirit guides in a very direct, tactile way and release traumas and negative perspectives in a simply, yet effective way.

It is now an honor to assist and guide other intuitive healers that have been longing to step into deepening their spiritual gifts and some even utilizing the gifts as a profession as to create space to not be distracted with other means of income that are not in alignment with maximizing the potential to heal and shift the world.

We are coming into a time when more is required. People have begun the great awakening to bring in a new golden age of understanding and healing. Darkness, imbalance between the sexes and suppression have influence for so long, there are many that are clawing their way out of the darkness… this is where we, the healers, the light workers step in and step up.
“Teach it ALL. Give your wisdom, your insights, your information away as if you were to die tomorrow. ALL OF IT.”

I was called to this and I am answering. If you feel called to this, you can choose to claim your place as a light activator and help to raise us all. By teaching all that I do, it is my vision that each practitioner will carry pieces of the light and amplify the work we are all doing on a grander scale.

If you have found this information, there are no accidents.

Your gifts may be rising for assistance in gaining clarity, structure and support energetically and logistically. Or perhaps you are struggling with the darkness and the whirlwind around us as an empath that absorbs the energy and emotions of others. Or it could be to see this information and choose against it, creating movement and resolve in what your path is if it is not this one. Regardless, I hope something has ignited for change and raising the vibration.

We can teach much and the basic skills in person with our collective energy, this will make our week together feel like a month when it comes to education, however, we can not teach ALL the wisdom of 16 years of practice in 8 days. Because of this, I understand that the people sharing this wisdom will be part of one another’s journey for a long time. We will be partners in not just your growth, but the growth of others. As such, spirit must guide who attends and who does not. If it is a “No” at this time for you or for us, please know that it is with love and there will be more opportunities in the future.

When you claim to step into your fullest light, know your shadow will rise stronger than ever, we are here to help you transmute the dark into light with love, understanding and lots of angels 🙂

This is not a relaxing vacation, it is an education utilizing the earth’s wisdom to ease and enhance the information transmitted to you.



-6 months virtual training & mentoring (includes group communication, online training courses & one on one for support in expanding and understanding your gifts.)


-Health and vibrationally conscious meals (Breakfast, lunch & dinner).

-(Alcohol is discouraged during our time together as it can open us up to outside energies influencing education and spiritual attunement.)

-A sacred drum to make for your individual sessions

-Practitioner guide workbook with detail training & tools

-Crystals for your practice


PRIOR to our time in Mexico, online trainings will begin January 2024 to allow time to digest the vast amount of content and allow familiarization with the modalities. This allows for our time together to be a time of practical learning and application. If you choose to join after we begin you are welcome to, however training material videos must be watched prior to attending training in person.

Each day will have a different focus. We will be starting by each practitioner receiving a purging and healing session in order to know what they are learning and preparing ourselves to receive new information that may not align with old programs and beliefs. (This is where we clear your own emotional and energetical crap)

-Full moon ceremony releasing and activation.

-Cacao ceremony

-Sacred ceremonies with local spiritual practitioners of ancient medicine

-Temazcal (Mayan Sweat Lodge) Ceremony

-Sacred Drum Making

-We will allow the earth to imprint ancient information into us as well as imprint the earth with the unique medicine that is within us. You are a unique vessel that has never existed in this way before, nor will again. Unlocking the ancient wisdom already in you, your dna and your connection to your higher self.

-Kinesiology (aka Muscle Testing) for clear, unattached information. How to decipher easier and trust what information comes through.

-How to activate, trust  and amplify your divine gifts.

-Business basics and logistics of charging for services, maintaining energy levels and healing without depletion.

-How to utilize earth alchemy such as crystals, herbs, locations with information imprinted in them.

-Learn your primary spiritual language and how to amplify receiving information.

-Protection from outside forces and energies. Understanding the energetic light web we are all connected through and how that affects daily life.

-Enhance and understand empathic gifts and navigating relationships, how to manage the transmutation of energies and blocking when needed.

-How to support yourself and others in reclaiming your soul and unraveling negative traumas, imprints.

-The shadow side of energy, healers and working with other’s energy. Pitfalls to avoid, how to know why you may be blocked and how to navigate around it. How to handle those difficult situations, traumas and uncomfortable situations. How to access support from Spirit when challenged with something new or feeling uneasy.

-Receiving & deciphering information from Spirit

-Learn how to move energy, emotions & encourage healing

-Learn “The Beauty of Perspective” Technique for understanding and clearing negative perspective

-Meditations for drum ceremonies and energetic upgrades

-How to create a profitable business of healing with spirit in the physical world & how to create even energy exchanges.

-Understand ancient shamanic tools and lost connections with the ancestors, including cacao ceremony and sweat lodge.

-Bridge the gap between the spirit body, energetic body, soul self, higher self and the physical body to be a focused beacon of hope, healing and change.

-Sound healing basics to cleanse the energy centers (chakras)


Sometimes the biggest lessons and growth happen after our time receiving information and when we apply the information. Therefore, I am making myself available for weekly group virtual zoom call for Q&A and additional training.

*Post this intense in person experience, monthly trainings, Q&A and mentorship resources are available to continue growth & support as healing gifts continue to expand during application of techniques. Optional attendance at future retreat to support & education for significant discounted rates.

*Intensive training and support of this caliber is offered with the intention of being shared. As such, business skills will be shared and intern/employee opportunities as new practitioners are getting started. This is also valuable as it is an opportunity to receive a monetary replenishment for the investment into the program.

*Private Facebook Group for discussions, insights and sharing of sacred experiences. Feel free to get to know our current practitioners by clicking here.

*Optional Drum Ceremony & Making Facilitator Training for continued education. (Additional cost for long term education, however significant discount applies) Includes private one-on-one instruction and Q&A, group calls, continued education instruction, and optional lead sharing for building your own clientele as well as support at your own live event if needed.

***This is sacred work directed by Spirit. If for any reason we feel your presence is not the highest good of all we reserve the right to refuse your reservation. If this occurs, flights purchased will not be reimbursed. This is about safety in all the ways for all the people attending.

***Because of the nature of this event and the extensive preparations, all tickets are non-refundable.

***OPEN TO ALL GENDERS  trainings are primarily women not due to exclusion but to have answered the call however we celebrate all those ready to expand healing!

So much love and light,

Hollie Hope



March 18 @ 4:44 pm
March 26 @ 10:30 am
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