Full Moon Drum Ceremony

BREATHE of St George 310 E Tabernacle Street, ST GEORGE, UT

Celebrating and honoring the surges from the full moon, we are gathering to release, connect and gravitate our desires to us. Join us for a drum ceremony to assist in healing with sound bath, drumming vibrations and energetic frequencies to invite healing and purge the past traumas and short comings. This evening will include identifying […]

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Wild Woman Womb Healing Red Drum Experience

Saint George, UT Saint George, UT

RED TENT: Womb Wisdom Healing Experience The time is come to honor the sacred sisterhood allowing our raw feminine to emerge and heal programs, wounds of the womb and women in our lives. For years I believed women were a threat, superficial and to be avoided. What I was misunderstanding was how vastly we crave […]

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