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Masters of Intuitive Healing & Sacred Sound Medicine

September 21, 2021 @ 8:00 am - September 28, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

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On 2/21/21 Spirit shared with me very clear it is time to pass on the information and tools I have discovered and utilized in my healing practice for the last 15 years. It was very clear that there are 11 healers that have been longing to step into deepening their spiritual gifts and some even utilizing the gifts as a profession as to create space to not be distracted with other means of income that are not in alignment with maximizing the potential to heal and shift the world.


Yes, we are healing the WORLD.


I am simply one person. I can only assist others to release the negative sabotage, darkness from within and shift perspectives one person at a time. This has sufficed for a time, and provided a way for me to provide for myself and my family using gifts I have been blessed to magnify into skills that actually create change. Permanent change.


However, we are coming into a time when more is required. People have begun the great awakening to bring in a new golden age of understanding and healing. Darkness, imbalance between the sexes and suppression have influence for so long, there are many that are clawing their way out of the darkness… this is where we, the healers, the light workers step in and step up.


When spirit shared this with me the message was crystal clear,
“Teach it ALL. Give your wisdom, your insights, your information away as if you were to die tomorrow. ALL OF IT.”


I was called to this and I am answering. If you feel called to this, you can choose to claim your place as a lightworker and help to raise us all. By teaching all that I do, it is my vision that each practitioner will carry pieces of the light and amplify the work we are all doing on a grander scale.


If you have found this information, there are no accidents. Your gifts may be rising for assistance in gaining clarity, structure and support energetically and logistically. Or perhaps you are struggling with the darkness and the whirlwind around us as an empath that absorbs the energy and emotions of others. Or it could be to see this information and choose against it, creating movement and resolve in what your path is if it is not this one. Regardless, I hope something has ignited for change and raising the vibration.


We can teach much and the basic skills in person with our collective energy, this will make our week together feel like a month when it comes to education, however, we can not teach ALL the wisdom of 15 years of practice in 1 week. Because of this, I understand that the people sharing this wisdom will be part of one another’s journey for a long time. We will be partners in not just your growth, but the growth of others. As such, spirit must guide who attends and who does not. If it is a “No” at this time for you or for us, please know that it is with love and there will be more opportunities in the future. This is not a relaxing vacation, it is an education utilizing the earth’s wisdom to ease and enhance the information transmitted to you.

  • Lodging in private villa with access to private pools
  • Meals (Breakfast, lunch & dinner).
  • Hotel amenities such as beautiful rooms and wifi (There are no televisions in the rooms.)
  • (Alcohol is discouraged during our time together as it can open us up to outside energies influencing education and spiritual attunement.)
  • Transportation from airport to lodge and return transportation to the airport
  • Drums to make, unmake and remake. (Be sure to include room in your luggage to take them home!)
  • Drum Kits Mailed to you after course.
  • On site Sweat-lodge with Mayan Shaman
  • “Reclaiming the Drum” Book and Reference guide written by Hollie Hope




Each day will have a different focus. We will be starting by each practitioner receiving a purging and healing session in order to know what they are learning and preparing ourselves to receive new information that may not align with old programs and beliefs. (This is where we clear your emotional and energetical crap)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


September 21, 2021 @ 8:00 am
September 28, 2021 @ 5:00 pm


Hollie Hope
(801) 889-7389
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