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I am so extremely touched by the beautiful giving hearts of all those that have spread the word about the red drum project and/or donated to the cause! 

Hands Healing Hearts is a non-profit that has built an orphanage in Haiti. People that saw the desperate need and show up over and over again to fulfill it!

Through the RED DRUM PROJECT, we were able to receive enough funds to purchase a vehicle for the children to have transportation to school!!!

What an enormous blessing this will be in their lives! We are still taking donations to cover the registration, taxes, and fees necessary as well as donating any surplus to the care of the children. Shoes, supplies, and the welfare of the orphanage.

CHECK OUT THE RED DRUMS AVAILABLE HERE and continue the donations. or donate directly here**** (Venmo for the sunshine home: Venmo @TheSunshine-Home)

For more information about the nonprofit visit handshealinghearts.com


The RED DRUM PROJECT started as a simple drum to offer extra healing to the trauma stored in the womb. This is the part of the body where we hold a lot of trauma that can hinder our ability to feel supported, loved, safe and allow ourselves to receive the nurturing and the connection necessary

After feeling inspired to create a “RED WOMB HEALING DRUM” for my own healing of sexual trauma, I saw 7 red drums in a circle. Very similar to the red tent energy.

Within the week, I was commissioned to create a “Birthing Drum” to hold sacred space for the birth of a baby girl on her way to this earth. The call to make more womb drums grew louder.

As I created these drums, with the intention of only 7… the call grew to make 13! These 13 drums each have a special intention, prayer, energy, and focus. Each was unique to the person they were meant to support.

It was made very clear to me that these would be the drums to not only assist in the healing of those that drummed them but to raise the vibration and heal suffering on our planet.

Each time they are drummed, there is an energetic prayer that radiates out. A call of love, nurturing, and understanding.

There is also money given to a specific need to tangibly end suffering for even just ONE person. I am so grateful it got to be these beautiful children in Haiti!

Thank you from the bottom of my RED FILLED heart! Remember that we are all connected, if only through the fact that we all have that beat within that calls us home and to each other.

Thank you for your support and your light!

Our winner of the RED DRUM I am GIVING AWAY as a thank you is the beautiful MISSY AYOTTE!!!

Love and Light,

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