Savannah Fox


St. George, Utah

Master of Sacred Sound, Drum Maker, Artist, Intuitive, Lover of Nature




Savannah Fox is certified as a Master of Sacred Sound Drum Maker and Practitioner. Since she was a little girl Savannah has been inspired by her love of art and all things creative. Her main focus is to create sacred medicine drums that empower their owners and spark joy and light into their lives. Her art is to infuse sacred intentions into the drum and intuitively select the animal hide that calls to each individual. Savannah is a total nature girl and loves to be wild and free. This magic is gifted through her sacred drums and artwork. 

For your own custom medicine drum you can reach Savannah by text or call (435) 557-0540 or email at [email protected] ¬†Instagram @savannah.wildingwisdom¬†