[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Each full moon many of us go through a series of questions wondering why we feel the surge of emotions rising in us. 

When cycles seem to repeat, especially monthly, we sometimes feel as though all the progress and emotional growth we have been working on is unsuccessful as we feel like we are back to dealing with an upheaval of negative emotions… again.

There are many cycles we do not realize we are moving through. Our human brains tend to tell us we are broken or something is wrong if we seem to feel the same emotions over and over again.

I used to wonder if I was simply manic depressive because I would go through spells of feeling sooooo much feeling it would have zero desire to much aside from laying in bed with the covers pulled tight over my head wishing to escape all the feels.

These moments of darkness seemed to come at least once monthly. 


Years ago, when I shared them with health professionals, they offered medications to combat my “depression” tendencies. 

Of course, I understand medications are a powerful tool for some of us… this was not the solution for what I was experiencing. 


I was a MYSTIC … not a MANIC.

As a mystic, we have the empathic ability to feel that which other people are feeling. Some have the ability to feel more than just the people they are around, they can feel those they are not around, even those on the other side of the planet… or the whole planet itself!!!

Once I realized I was feeling other people’s emotions, fears, struggles and insecurities, I began acknowledging and releasing. I felt a HUGE weight lifted.

However, there would STILL  be moments of overwhelming despair, fatigue and even an aching of my skin that felt like I was getting the flu. 

That’s when I discovered tracking the moon cycle. 

Though the phases of the moon can affect each of us a little differently, the full moon tends to pull most of us into a space of emotional upheaval. 

Think about it, the moon has the power to influence the waves of the ocean, raising tides. 


If we are 60% water, it makes sense that our bodies will rise with the tides and the energetic lulling of the moon’s influence. 


The next time we experience the confusion of feeling intense emotions without an external warranted cause, we can check the moon cycle for understanding and clarification.


The full moon brings waves of what has been sitting to the side to the front and center.

If we have been holding emotional pain and simply ignoring it, it will erupt in order to get processed out. If we have been holding intention for great manifestations to rise, we will experience a push to not just receive, but to purge anything htat is stopping us from our desire. Some of the ways these surges show up are:

*Exhuastion: as the energy spent pushing away is required to push towards. Much like giving birth, after waiting for months, then being in labor, it is time to push. 

*Insomnia: as the overwhelming urge to take action and move forward is here, our minds can be filled with new ideas and ways to make a way to call our desires into fruition.

*Increased Emotional Sensitivity: Intuition and abilities can be heightened with the full moon as more information and awareness is able to flow with greater ease. If we try to cut off or avoid the information flowing it can feel like “noise” and overwhelm us. 

*Passions Rise: The sense of urgency and often frustrations will rise as our passions have come to a head. These can be in the form of physical passion and touch desired as well as intimacy or they can be dreams and goals. We can feel dismayed if it seems it is taking too long for our desires to be realized.


***How to move through it:

*Journal it out. Awareness is the greatest strength to not just understand if we are experiencing negative emotions due to circumstance or if it is simply energetic pulls… but also it helps us to give the energy somewhere to go. Having a separate “brain dump” or “emotional vent” journal that is not intended for posterity is ideal. Freely writing all thoughts and feelings out can help to sort out what is relevant to us and what is someone elses or negative thoughts flowing through as we move through fear and resistance.


*Take a time out. Solitude allows moments to re-callibrate our own energies. A salt bath to diffuse others’ energies and detox our bodies or some time sitting next to a tree can make a world of difference.


*Stretch yourself. Physically, yes, yoga or simple stretches outside under the sunlight or moonlight can purge excess energies and increase blood flow. Feel your body, let it be celebrated for being such a beautiful vessel. Stretch yourself mentally as well by learning something new or completing a task that feels uncomfortable. The sense of accomplishment is quite euphoric and tends to encourage more!


*Play! Too much solitude can cause us to feel isolated. If you feel that your balance pendulum has left you with more alone time than you would like, it may be time to play. A dance under the full moon is a fun way for others to bond, if you grab a drum it’s that much more connective and healing!


*Drum it out. Sound healing allows energies and surges to move through the body rather than us trying to absorb them into the body. Even if you simply pat your chest with your palms it will help the surges. 


If you feel like you still need support as the old patterns continue to arise feel free to contact us and we can help you figure out the triggers in order to move through cycles keeping the heavy, heavy.


So much love & light!

-Hollie Hope