Hildale, Utah

Intuitive Healer, Sacred Sound Therapy & Drum Ceremony Facilitator

I have a love and passion for personal development and that using the tool of accountability and vulnerability, especially in the area of relationships has helped me to relate to others in so many different ways. From losing a child, to divorce, being a single parent, a step parent and even being in a plural relationship. I have studied, reiki, astrology, numerology, angels and archangels, crystals, card readings, energy healing, chakras, emotions and frequency. All of that was tied together with the drum and learning how to identify negative perspectives through muscle testing (kinesiology). I’ve had a wide range of skill sets, from nursing and being an EMT to teaching financial concepts like budgeting, mortgages and insurance. My passion is helping others to know who they are and why they are here, helping to create divine connection and to raise the consciousness of humanity.

For more information or to book a private or group healing session, call or text: (801) 792-1008