Utah County, Utah

Drum Facilitator, Healing Touch, Energetic Connections, Trauma Informed Breathwork, Body Mapping & Core Values Discovery

Jamie is a passionate, freedom loving woman who feels fulfilled when helping others realize what it means to live fully alive!

She is passionate about creating experiences that inspire hope. After, and during, many losses she started her journey of healing and hope. Drum Ceremonies are just one of the many things Jamie does to bring women together to offer a safe place and facilitate healing and transformation. Her desire for freedom continues to drive her love of traveling, learning new things, (drums and astrology among others) and connecting with others. She is most fulfilled when doing something slightly quirky and finding joy in it!

Her passion for healing and understanding how to move forward after deep trauma is derived from how she has used these tool to heal and facilitate her own growth through abusive relationships, divorce, adjusting to challenges of raising a child with severe mental illness, and learning how to connect with myself again and live.

Deep healing does not have to be a path of drudgery or isolation, it can be joyful as we shed all that limits us and rise to find deeper connections and bliss in the process.

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