During parts of the year, the veil between the realms of the living and the dead grows thin.

Halloween has roots in Celtic lore and was called “SAMHAIN” or “summer’s end”

It’s a day of guidance, of connection, of prediction and intention. Much like an earth-based new year this a time to celebrate the triumph over the shadows, go with gratitude and offer celebration for the light and abundance we have received and invite more to flow as we continue into the colder months.

Now is a great time to cleanse our homes, cleanse our hearts and cleanse our lives of anything that hinders our ability to flow as one with the light

Purge our closets of old, unused, and unnecessary items.

Release our homes of anything that makes us feel down.

Clear out the mind clutter and mental noise.

As the moon continues to approach, connecting with the grounding “go-getter” of Taurus and CLAIM THE FOCUS FOR WHAT WE DESIRE.

Creating Ancestral Alter:

We can create an ancestral altar during these times that the veil is thin, to remind us of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. It also helps to enhance guidance and release bundled up fragments of grief we may be ignoring while we have been enjoying the sunshine or busy in our lives.

Giving space to honor and connect with our ancestors encourages alignment with our great life purpose.

Items in your alter can include:

Palo Santo & White sage for smudging (cleansing with the smoke)

Black or Red colored candles to honor the absence of those we love.

A glass of water as it is the life-force of us all and holds wisdom and emotions.

Photos of those we love.

Connection and patience crystals such as petrified wood, tigers eye, and quartz

Trinkets or past possessions reminding us of loved ones.

Crystal skull

Favorite candy or food of your loved one.

Essential oils: Geranium, rose, rosemary, clove, osha root, angelica, juniper, cedar.

Perfume similar to your ancestors

Protective stones (usually black) such as tourmaline, onyx, jet

Living flowers to remind us that life is still sweet

Dried flowers or herbs as we honor the impact of those living before.

Once your alter feels complete, light the candles, smudge, and offer up a prayer of dedication. Thank those that have paved the way before, even if it seemed negative or filled with conflict, those were the catalyst moments we can choose to rise against what we do not prefer.

Let your ancestors know their wisdom, presence, and insights are welcome and enjoy the feeling of sharing space with your loved ones once more. Journal thoughts and ideas that come to mind.

Leave your alter up as long as you would like, making sure the water does not run dry.

Once it feels complete, place the flowers or herbs on the graveside or the earth in honor and returning all things to the earth just as we once will as well.

Happy Honoring!

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