Hollie Hope

Ivins, Utah

Hollie Hope is a conduit of spiritual transmissions for healing through her lifetime fascination with the psychological connection between mind, body and spirit. She is a Master Teacher of Integrated Healing Arts & Master of Sacred Sound Therapy.

During the seventeen year journey discovering healing for herself, she channeled a modality, called “The Beauty of Perspective” where the “negative perspectives”, traumas and experiences that create old programs are able to not only be seen, but to be healed on a physical and emotional, as well as a mental level. 

This journey wasn’t something she sought to one day become, but a natural evolution of the process of healing, her own traumas, both physical, sexual, emotional and mental throughout her own life’s experiences.

She  answers the call to travel and offers teaching to others how to shift in perspective and activate their own healing from within their own sacred connection to the source of spiritual and cognitive connection. 

She supports those who feel an awakening, a stirring within to activate spiritual gifts and shares wisdom of embodying the sacred feminine self, while balancing with masculine energy in a world that often distort and controls who we think we are. 

Her life’s mission is to be a beacon of hope light and wisdom, and activate others into their own divine conduit for understanding healing and expansive connection with all.She finds joy in the journey of each soul discovering their own unique gifts and purpose as well as living out their life with their own divine full potency.

She specializes and identifying and clearing negative perspectives, including self sabotage and traumas, as well as neuromuscular release technique (NMRT) to activate the body’s natural healing systems, energy healing, such as Sun Quantum Reiki, Quantum light energy, as well as Crystal healing, a Master of Sacred Sound therapy. She does not do this to do any healing for another, but to walk the bridge to healing and sovereignty, along side of those she works with.

She teaches others the same technique, in hopes of allowing the healing of all humanity, to be expanded and accessible to all.

She is a lover of all the trees and often found frolicking among them and is a mother to three grown children and one grandchild, magical cats and her bliss is found in connecting to the uniqueness of every individual she meets.

She offers books, private healing sessions, group healing ceremonies, retreats as well as the creation of personal sacred sound healing tools such as drums and rattles.

To schedule an appointment or more information please contact: (801) 889-7389