Gita Love


Intuitive Healer, Massage Therapist, Reflexology & Sacred Sound Therapy

Gita Love is a God centered 3rd generation medicine woman, healer & holistic transformation coach specialized in trauma healing and stress related illness. She runs Playa Neverland, an off grid wellness retreat center right on the Pacific Coast of Colombia that she was directed by the Holy Spirit to move to to heal after several car accidents, abuse, surgeries and debilitating disease (C-PTSD, neurological autoimmunity, TBI…) had left her dependent on a wheelchair in order to fully participate in life. Playa Neverland wasn’t just a place where she was able to find healing, she knew God had sent her to this sacred land to help others heal too! As a coach she saw that people needed to heal on a much deeper level than just the mind, and often saw that things stayed stuck in the body and in the deeper parts of the emotions even after they had consciously dealt with it. With her knowledge of natural medicine and other healing modalities, she combined her divine wisdom with her skillset, in order to help people have true lasting transformation. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit she developed the Trinity Transformation Technique that has helped many transform their lives for the better. Her mission in life is to help those who are stuck in the trauma/stress response so that they can wake up, step into and walk in their true identity & live their life at its fullest measure, the way God intended! If you are looking for a combined natural & energetic medicine centered healing, Gita Love may be the perfect fit!


For more information or to book a private or group healing session, contact: [email protected] or WhatsApp at (702) 785-4707