[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Morning is announced at my home with doves the way a rooster would crow on a farm.

I watch them nest, nurture and fly around my sacred little forest.

On two occasions, a dove has been presented to me. One on my doorstep unscathed, and another “grandpa dove” I found moments after his last breath below his nest.

Birds are extremely symbolic to me and have assisted me in understanding myself and my journey.

The freedom to roam wherever we please, see the world, gain the greatest perspective and then come home to a small, simple nest to center, nurture and reconnect.


Dove is more than a symbol for peace, it’s a symbol for love.

Dove reminds us remaining grounded and spreading joy wherever we go.

Dove reminds us that we can grow spiritually while still remaining very grounded and down to earth.

Dove calls us to express our love more often.

Dove reminds us that there is no death. Even though loved ones move to the non-physical realm, they are never truly gone and we can bridge the gap between physical and nonphysical to connect with them once again.


This dove was placed on my porch so carefully one morning, I believe it to be a Divine gift.

As I harvested wings from this bird, I held a ceremony for her and I WEPT.

Tears filled my eyes at the beauty and a beautiful creature leaving this existence, and then again at the gratitude to be the one to send them off while blessed with the message and feathers that remained.

I will be making smudging wands with these doves and honoring every feather.

With the waving of these wings, love is continued to be spread long after their physical essence has left… and I feel nothing but beauty and gratitude for them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]