How often do we feel exactly like this treasure of mine??


What have you felt was once broken… birthed into something better????


Years ago, I desired to find MY singing bowl. The one that would “zing” when I played it and raise my vibration and those around me INSTANTLY.


I did my research and knew I wanted it to be a TIBETAN singing bowl… and through my inquires, discovered there are Tibetan monks that travel throughout the US sharing light and among many things, sell singing bowls to raise funds to send home so they can continue spreading light and love.


THREE years later, after holding out on buying one until I found these monks, barely missing them TWICE… I found mine.


As part of a movement to bring awareness and stand up against human trafficking years ago, I met the monks!!!


I found my perfect bowl and her song has brought alignment and openness to many client sessions and drum circles!


And who would’ve thought, of all the travels, of all the adventures, all the times she could’ve been lost or damaged while hiking or the many moves… this brass beauty would fall less than a foot and SHATTER as if made of porcelain.


(Note: Sometimes we expect the big blows and raise our protective stances… it’s the small unexpected blows that often eat away at us.)


Tears welled up in my eyes instantly as the grief hit.


This was not the loss of an item as much as it was the story I got to share each time. The story of trusting the universe that with patience, all that we desire unfolds to us in perfect time… and here was that proof.


Instantly, another story came to mind. Kintsugi, the Japanese art of making pottery, breaking it, then lacing precious metals such as gold where the shattered parts were. The art is in the lines, curves and cracks. The metal, increasing it value and the uniqueness of the marks making it a one-of-a-kind treasure.


I remember what a treasure she is and that broken once, is not broken for forever. I am also reminded that sacred objects, healing tools and even relationships, only stay with us until we reach a stage of COMPLETION.

When it is time for new magic, energy or experiences to assist us in our transition to expansion, growth and enlightenment … some things leave our lives.


…and some are rebirthed into a new purpose, much like ourselves.


When I purchased this treasure, my life was vastly different than it is now. I did not know what I was being called too, where I was moving to, what the future held for my children and myself. I lived with a lot of uncertainty and fear. I felt I was always seeking answers and clarity … even when I drummed in the labyrinth moments before finding this beautiful bowl.


Now… I have an idea of what my purpose is, what I have been put here to do and I still hold so much uncertainty of what it will evolve to… (it makes it an adventure for sure!)


I know I am on my path. Each wound that didn’t break me, each blow that did momentarily break me, gave me that much more understanding and character.


And from here?


We simply GROW knowing we can handle anything…. because we already have.


As for my singing bowl… she now gets to raise the vibrations of this beautiful plant baby and I can still chime her on the side when feeling so called.


The flow of change is a beautiful thing!

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