Sacred Sound Therapy & Breathwork Detox Facilitator

St. George, Utah

Tina is a respected facilitator of transformative practices, including Drum Ceremony, Sacred Sound, Breathwork Detox, and retreat leadership. Her unwavering dedication centers around reconnecting individuals with their innate sense of peace, joy, and simplicity. As a devoted mother of three, Tina prioritizes activities that bring her genuine happiness and fulfillment.

Tina’s path into the realm of healing was catalyzed by the profound experience of losing both her precious grandchild and beloved sister. Seeking solace and resolution for her emotions, she discovered the profound healing potential of Sacred Drumming and Breathwork. These powerful modalities not only helped her navigate through challenging emotions but also endowed her with newfound strength.

Inspired by their transformative impact, Tina embarked on a mission to share these practices with others, resulting in remarkable outcomes.

In her work with clients, Tina’s transformative approach encompasses shadow integration, a process intricately tied to her own personal journey of reclaiming power and rediscovering innate gifts following an 18-year codependent marriage. She derives great joy from assisting individuals in breaking free from unhealthy patterns, unresolved grief, and unhealed traumas, empowering them to embrace fresh, creative, and enlivening behaviors.

Drawing upon her extensive background in corporate purchasing spanning three decades, Tina has honed her ability to communicate effectively, understand people's needs, and serve them impeccably. These invaluable skills foster a sense of safety and understanding for her clients, enabling them to release deep-seated pain. By treating her clients as equals, Tina cultivates an environment conducive to
generous personal growth and unfoldment.

Tina’s clients encompass individuals of influence who may be experiencing feelings of confusion, spiritual disconnection, or a sense of aimlessness in their day-to-day lives. Guiding them towards liberation from stagnation, she assists in unlocking their hidden gifts and nurturing the pursuit of new passions.

Residing in the serene locale of St. George, Utah, Tina’s transformative impact extends nationwide as she travels to facilitate Drum Ceremonies, Breathwork events, and retreats. Her deep appreciation for nature finds expression in activities such as drumming, rock hunting, exhilarating razor riding, hiking, camping, and reveling in the serenity of the ocean. Embracing the wonders of travel, Tina eagerly seeks new adventures and delights in experiencing diverse cultures along the way.

For More Information or to book with Tina call or Text (801) 310-7681 or Email [email protected]