Khira Gabriella 

Uintah Basin/ Salt Lake County 

Cell phone: (917) 400-1476

Email: [email protected]

As an intuitive healer and space holder, I use various techniques to help my clients dive deeper into their journey of healing, self love, and acceptance.  I focus on nourishing and healing the heart, mind, body, and spirit. This allows us return to our soul’s innate essence of harmony and wholeness allowing us to heal mentally, physically and emotionally. Through sound healing, Reiki, energy, medicinal plants, crystals, aromatherapy, somatic movement I can guide you through:

Connecting your awareness to heart, mind, body, spirit.

Transcending old and negative self belief perspectives and patterns.

Releasing negative relationship connections.

Repatterning bad habits.

Balancing your chakras.

Creating sacred space.

Healing emotional trauma.

Creating new belief patterns that reflect with our highest self expression.

Strengthening your intrinsic intuitive abilities.