Ogden, Utah

Yoga teacher, Drum Healing, & Chakra Coach

I am mom, friend, business owner, yoga & chakra nerd, medicine drum practitioner hippie tree hugging protector of Mother Earth and all around student to life. I have acquired multiple certifications over the last 20 years in the health & wellness industry including yoga & nutrition.

However, I specialize in taking the new age hippie woo-woo and backing it up with physical science. I love to help you figure out if your physical problems are only physical or if they’re a combination of mental, emotional, and or spiritual. I love to help you discover the healing gifts that are in you (the guru is in you) so you can learn to trust your body, mind & spirit and know how to move through it in a way that’s best for you! I adore teaching you different tools to balance and align all those energies in a way that makes sense to you.