Kaysville, Utah

Master of Intuitive Healing & Sacred Sound Medicine, Medium,  Jay Shetty Life Coach & Reiki Practitioner


Live your best life! 

Hi, I’m Cyndi Brown and I guide people on how to align with their highest self and live their best life. Life is a wonderful journey full of wonder and amazing opportunities. It can also be stressful, challenging, and full of obstacles that leave us feeling vulnerable, stressed, and blocked. As an Intuitive Coach, I am able to guide you to identify negative thought patterns, trauma, or blocks and help you release them to get real results.

To live your best life I help you discover the answers within that empower you with the courage, knowledge, and capacity to go after your dreams!

Life Is Meant To Be Enjoyed, Not Just Endured.

Are YOU living YOUR life or is YOUR life living YOU? This is probably the most important question to ask yourself right now. Do you have the life you want? Or are you living the life that was dealt to you?

See… I get it! For years, life was living me. I did all of the things we are told to do – grow up, get married, have kids, live happily ever after…. EXCEPT…. It wasn’t exactly happening like it was “supposed” to. I did all of these things, and “Happily Ever After” only existed at the end of a fairytale, and my life was ANYTHING BUT a fairytale.

For 25 years of my life, I was the ultimate high achiever! Working competitively in a “man’s world” climbing the corporate ladder to a six-figure income, chasing my own entrepreneur dreams, buying the house, the cars…. ALL OF IT. I experienced the highest of highs, outearning, and outperforming some of the best in my industry, and the lowest of low’s when a partner betrayed my trust and caused my company to crumble to the ground.

That’s when the discovery happened…. I was not living my life, it was living me. My heart longed for meaning and purpose in my work, my higher self was suffocating under the chase of the dollar and I was limiting myself by holding onto self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that were making me physically, mentally, and spiritually sick.

I made the decision to start LIVING my life.  I jumped in with both feet, left my six-figure a year job, and embarked on a journey to reconnect to my heart.  I rediscovered my innate ability to hear, feel, and know things through my sixth sense. I’ve studied under the world’s top mentors, trainers, and healers and while this will be a life-long pursuit, I’ve now been able to be a part of numerous trainings, retreats, and one on one journeys of hundreds of men and women across the nation. It’s not luck anymore, it’s intentional living.

I’ve unlocked the door to limitless potential, connection, and guidance to transformational opportunities just waiting to be seized upon. I love working with people to help them understand how truly unique and special they are. There will never be another you and YOU have gifts, abilities, and light to share with the world. I believe that if one man can change the world, so can another.  So, let me invite you to take the chance on yourself, you deserve it.

As I have continued to expand my offerings I have learned to incorporate my medium abilities into coaching and healing sessions when loved ones from the other side of the veil wish to assist and support in the healing process. When we realize how much love and support there is available to us, there is nothing we can’t do or heal to be our highest and best version of our unique self.

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