Red Drums

The RED DRUM project was divinely inspired to end human suffering while healing ourselves! Offering a raising of vibrations and prayers across the world and financially creating that ability to support a specific, tangible, immediate need of those that need it most.

Currently, when you purchase a red drum not only do you create healing in your own life but allow for children in a very poor part of Haiti to have the opportunity for education!

The joy of the journey is in the creation.
RED drums and shared in the sacred power of the feminine. Red womb healing, sacred sister empowerment, ancient medicine, support in diversity and uniqueness…
We are literally raising the vibration or not just our lives, those we assist in healing, assisting orphans in Haiti, and raising the vibration of the WORLD simultaneously.
It may seem small… but sound waves ripple out always expanding and welcoming all to release, heal, and rise.
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