Cedar City, Utah

Master of Intuitive Sound Healing, Life and Health Coach, Reiki Practitioner & Tarot Card Reader.

I am an ever changing light Oracle with the gift of knowing. My abilities came to me when I was young.  Through various traumas during my life I have endured many life lessons which have given me an understanding of the human experience that most can only imagine. From being molested when I was 3 years old to losing my daughter when I was 27, these lessons have offered me a gift to share with others. It has gifted me the experience of navigating dense human emotion. 

Upon my journey of navigating my own dense human emotions I got to truly understand my own psyche. My desire for knowledge of the human experience and behavior keeps me browning and expanding my consciousness to unparalleled heights. I have always held a love for learning about human behaviors and programming and after studying psychology on to receive my health and life coaching certificates through the Health Coach Institute. I was also guided to received reiki as part of my practice and have received my level two certification. 

For more information or to book a private or group healing session, call or text: (435) 238-0396