Shift Your Perspective with 

Hollie Hope

“Life is not meant to be just a lesson of the past, or dreading what the future may hold. Life is meant to be enjoyed and savored!”

-Hollie Hope

The beauty of perspective is that we hold the keys to all we want out of life through our views.

By holding tight to negative perspectives about ourselves and others we can hinder deep connections with others, spiritual gifts and our desires being received.

I love that I am able to guide you to identify and release trapped negative filters, beliefs and traumas in order to allow a new level of self-awareness and permanent results.

My passion in life is the honor to assist individuals from pain and disconnection not just with others,  but also with ourselves and move past spiritual stagnancy. With freedom from toxic self-sabotage,  suppressed feelings and damaging emotional habits that most often we are oblivious to, we can heal the hurts and free negative cycles hindering us. The wonderful part is we can achieve a clear perspective without dwelling on pain or drudging up the past in a long drawn out process.

What stories have you been telling yourself about your life and why it and the people in your life are not what you desire?

What if we can simply find the negative obstacles in your perception and release them?

What if while we do so, we are also learning new behavior and thought patterns to maintain a clear understanding to think and act from our TRUE desires so we are able to fully embrace joy?!

Through intuitive readings, energy healing, educational books & classes sharing insights spiritual gifts and sound therapy with shamanic medicine, we are able to logically understand what needs to change in order to receive the positive change we desire.

That is what The Beauty of Perspective is all about. Letting go of what is not part of who we want to be, and choosing different so life can actually BE different.

About Me

I love life and have embrace experiencing the fullness of it. The shining moments of enlightenment, spirituality, success and love have all been glorious! The elation of these positive moments are balanced by the necessary experiences of the darkness of human kind, suffering through many forms of abuse, divorce, homelessness, challenges, failures in my own life, and pains I thought I would never recover from… but knew I must to pass on the lessons gained.

Through all of the moments of heartache we all get to experience, we learn. We expand and we understand ourselves as well as connect with others on a deeper, “unconditional self acceptance” level.

As I had always felt I was broken or the only one god did not speak to, I became drawn, (obsessed even) with learning how to gain more spiritual understanding in order to heal. This led me to study many forms of religion, spiritual beliefs, shamanism, earth medicines and different modalities energy healing that have now become my entire life. For over fifteen years, I have been blessed with assisting clients utilizing all of the intuitive gifts presented to me.

The tools I use are through divine guidance. The process may look a little different for each individual and address the logic conscious mind as well as the unconscious of the body and spirit.  The severity of results vary due to the variation of the determination an individual holds for change and the application of specific instructions for permanent results post sessions.


On a more personal note, I am very blessed to be a mother of three beautiful humans,  “fur-babies”, as well as an awesome auntie that simply fills my heart to the brim! Each are a gift and unique and a reflection of both positive and negative aspects of myself, and I am forever grateful to be blessed to have them in my life. I reside in my own personal magical forest among the red mountains of Southern Utah. I am an artist, author, adventurer, connector, intuitive healer, lover and simply a human that loves to frolic.