I am a mother of three amazing children and three “fur-babies”. Each are a gift and unique and a reflection of both positive and negative aspects of myself, and I am forever grateful to be blessed to have them in my life. I reside in my own personal magical forest among the red mountains of Southern Utah. I am an artist, author, adventurer, connector, lover and simply a human.

I love life and have embrace experiencing the fullness of it. The shining moments of enlightenment, spirituality, success and love have all been glorious! The elation of these positive moments are balanced by the necessary experiences of the darkness of human kind, suffering through many forms of abuse, homelessness, challenges, failures in my own life, and pains I thought I would never recover from.

Through all of the moments of heartache we all get to experience, we learn. We expand and we understand ourselves as well as connect with others on a deeper, “unconditional self acceptance” level.

The tools I use are through divine guidance. The process may look a little different for each individual (which is why I offer a free consultation to see if we are a great fit.) Though the severity of results vary due to the variation of the determination an individual holds for change.